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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

SHOW RCA 2011: Graduating talent

I can't believe I've never made it to this show before. Having been taught by tutors who studied there, along with being inspired by some of the Royal College of Art's most elite graduates: Philip Treacy and Tord Boontje - I was never going to be disappointed by the MA work on show. And sure enough, the show lived up to my high expectations: inspiring any one visiting to grab a sketchbook & start conceptualising.

Sarah Wai - MA Architecture Innovative use of laser cutting - creating relief to re-invent the 2D architect's sketch

Brimming with ideas, disciplines ranged from interior architecture to industrial design. Naturally, I was drawn to the fashion and textiles - stitched, printed, woven & moulded - although I didn't let this obscure my appreciation for all other art forms...

Struck first by the beautifully intricate works of Makiko Nakamura - this ceramic artist has managed to capture organic structures with rigid materials, forming creations that look almost edible.

Of course, three-dimensional form has to get some kind of mention and for me, David Bradley's voluminous screen-printed fashion fabrics were successful with their sensitive compositions and use of negative and positive space, playing with linear qualities to create optical illusions.

A quirkier find - which I can see being sold at Urban Outfitters any time soon, has to be this 'Masterpiece pad'. For those of us who've ever sat on an epic train journey having sat doodling the whole way, there is now a way to frame these individual creations - no matter how insignificant or magnificent they are. By simply tearing off the page & assembling the pre-cut flaps to create paper, baroque style picture frames - Benjamin Parton is fundamentally preventing us from just chucking these in the bin!

More to follow... x

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Bird's Yard meets Emily's Attic!

Bird's Yard Boutique in Leeds welcomes a new addition to its crafty array of handmade stock, with Emily's Attic moving in upstairs!

Packed full of independent designers specialising in an abundance of areas: from vintage apparel to nostalgic kitchenware - E.Rayner now adds furniture into the mix with her up-cycled, upholstered chairs & it couldn't fit in any better! The perfect market for such lovingly crafted products, Emily's wistful range is constantly evolving. From beautiful mis-matched bunting to hand-painted dressing tables - the patchwork cushions get my vote! x

Share & share alike...

What a compliment to have received a mention on Julia Burness' website. Having blogged about her work only this week, she has kindly added my very own blog to her 'Latest News' section of her home page. Funnily enough, I've grown even fonder of her & her work now! x

Check out her website for more info:

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Flowering your Idyllic Day

Not that I'm planning on getting married any time soon but if I had to dream up my own perfect day - it would have to consist of something as beautiful as these...

Just think of all the weird and wonderful antique relics that could make the perfect base for such ornate floral arrangements. And who says they'd all need to match!? Even if, unlike me, you aren't exactly bawled over by trawling antique fairs and car boots - Idyllic Days Vintage China Hire have created the perfect solution to sourcing such ceramic delights x

Monday, 20 June 2011

Laced in gold: Julia Burness Jewellery

Lace & gold: sound like a play on 'oil & water'? Think again.

This innovative jewellery designer knows how to capture a girl's heart with her intricately cast filigree designs. A self-confessed ethical designer - these designs are guilt-free as Burness sources gold 'from artisanal and Fair Trade gold mines', as well as using recycled silver 'where possible.'

Boldly avant-garde - these treasures almost make me want to ditch my patterned wardrobe & opt for something a little more understated, simply to get away with purchasing a bespoke necklace to accessorise with! x

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Heaven On Earth!

I've been meaning to mention this beauty of a boutique for quite some time now. It's not often that a shop window display (especially one of an opticians) catches your eye daily - but somehow the concessionary label 'Heaven & Earth' has me longing for one of its cute, vintage inspired garments every morning.

Re-merchandising its window every week, this gem is tucked away in 20/20 opticians on Tottenham Court Road - an unlikely home for the ultra feminine, whimsical fashion designs. Others would struggle to utilise such limited space as effectively as they do but for now, I'm happy for nobody else to try! x

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Velvet Vintage

Brighton rocks! Well, it does when it comes to independent boutiques; vintage stalls & crafts.

Walking along the sea front on a beyond blustery day, I have to say that seeing Brighton Pier emerge in the distance filled me with about as much excitement as Blackpool tower. Having imagined Southern seasides to be idyllic, quaint resorts - as opposed to rowdy, slot machine-lined promenades selling novelty rock English breakfasts and dummies, I'd expected a little more from the famed Sussex hotspot...

That was until I stumbled upon The Lanes.

From stalls selling homemade leather goods to organic cafes offering wholesomely good shakes and grub - the atmosphere completely changed within walking a few metres. A festival vibe filled the cobbled streets: an 'anything goes' spirit which encouraged people watching as a standard bank holiday activity.

Of course, one particular store stood out to me though and this time it began with a V. Entrancing me with its lavish window display - I was in awe of Velvet's fabulous combinations of silk flowers alongside appliqued owl door stops and Chinese style lanterns. Naturally, the heavy use of floral motifs in all shapes and sizes may have had something to do with my love for this store but it deserves a mention nonetheless. x