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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Inside Outside

I don't know whether the mini heatwave we're currently experiencing has any influence on the fact that I have become increasingly interested in outdoor living and decor, but interior settings that see the inside taken outside are definitely a keen favourite of mine at the moment.

Having sat outside during one of the sunniest afternoons of the year painting an intricately shaped wrought iron table and chair set in my parents' garden - I began to wonder what it would be like to convert the trees, shrubs and bushes into an over-sized den. Draping fabric from branch to branch and carpeting the lawn in antique throws...

Cabbages and Roses seemingly had the same idea when styling this image...

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Say Hello! to Emily's Attic

A whole week has passed since my last post - yet a lot has happened...
I have officially vacated my Nottingham abode & relocated back home...and what could be sweeter than an invite to feature in a local craft fair alongside my good friend's new business venture - Emily's Attic - Creative Solutions for unloved furniture. Here are a few snapshots that I managed to capture, in between regular snacks and catching up with one another - I'd say we didn't do badly to say it was our first shot at it!

I just love Emily's use of contemporary bright paints and vintage fabric as she merges the old with the new, whilst embracing the magic word - recycling.

Although the sunshine most definitely aided the mood of the day - me & Em have decided we might just get used to the buzz of merchandising the look of our handmade products...
Affordable Vintage - watch this space!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Sample this some more!

Since my last post the NTU Textile Design students selected for New Designers 2010 were confirmed and unsurprisingly Kezia, Daisy and Rosie are all heading to London. Congratulations to all of my other friends and peers who were also chosen, including Jasmin Loyal with her sophisticated layers of jewel encrusted, laser-cut leathers and sumptuous satins...

Jodie Harfield with her painterly, feminine fashion prints...

Esther Sowa and her contemporary futons - inspired by the urban environment and architectural form...

and Fiona Broadbent with her quirky, playful laser-cut pop-outs...

With all of these innovative graduate designers and more - New Designers is set to be a pretty good show!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sample This!

As our our Textile Design degree shows comes to a close I want to mark the occasion by congratulating all of my fellow, super talented students! I am so proud to have been a part in such a successful exhibition & here are a few personal highlights...

Daisy Thomas' work is so incredibly beautiful - adorning sumptuous fabrics in vintage brooches and clusters of beads - I love her pretty colour combinations and the lustrous qualities of her embroidery.

As for print - Kezia Regan's eclectic use of bold colour and imagery is reminiscent of Eley Kishmoto and Marc Jacobs, whilst retaining a sense of individuality with her innovative use of processes.

Rosie Moss' laser-cut lights and folkloric prints also inspired me as they reminded me of old-fashioned fables and traditional Scandinavian textiles.

More to follow...

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Vintage Eclectic

Jennifer Nicholson obviously inherited her father, Jack Nicholson's, artistic flair. Scanning through celebrity magazines (just because I can now!) I didn't expect to stop in awe of Jennifer's eclectic vintage pad. When most of us think about L.A. we probably imagine ultra modern or Art Deco style mansions that line the exclusive suburbs of the Hollywood Hills. However, seeing this home only made me even more determined to live there one day...

A little piece of history, crammed full of ancient antiques that create a quirky assortment of period references. For me, the carved 18th Century chairs look almost as though they have been salvaged from the ocean bed, with their shell-like shape. The ornate nature of each piece of furniture has been carefully considered and work beautifully together.

As for her wardrobe - well, I'd trade my more modest collection of charity shop finds for her rail-upon-rail of vintage treasures any day! x

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Dressing Up Box Is Your Muse.

Hello blog x I feel like I've neglected you for this past couple of weeks....but now I finally have time to indulge in recording my inspirations again. My degree might be finished but my collection lives on in the look book that is finally complete...

'The Dressing Up Box Is Your Muse...sees a return to the timeless glamour of bygone eras. Inspired by precious antique jewellery, heirlooms and ostentatious costume - this Spring/Summer 2011 collection is infused with vintage charm.

Using found materials and sentimental hand-me-downs, the new and the old are married together as contemporary processes update vintage finds. Statement headpieces and embellished brooches have arrived out of unwanted textiles, proving that waste can be beautiful, as well as unique.

Escape into a whimsical world of powder puff pastels, enriched with opulent jewel-like hues and be unafraid to use the dressing up box as your muse...'